Non-stop delivery tracking – Track & Trace Your Parcel

Non-stop delivery tracking is an efficient way of notifying clients about the status, location, and estimated time for their order. NSD Tracking allows you to track how many packages have been delivered so far by clicking on each individual item’s name in your online inventory management system (IAS).

Nonstop Delivery (NSD) allows you to order anything in the world and it will be delivered to your doorstep immediately.


The company is non-stop delivery. They promise that your product will reach you within two days of placing an order, and if not they pay the return shipping both ways.

How to use NSD Tracking?

The invention of today’s advanced tracking systems means that you can now track your package throughout its journey, from when it leaves the warehouse to delivery. You’ll be able not only to see shipment statuses but whether something has cleared customs as well.

You must have these.

1) Order number

2) Tracking ID

3) Your name

4) The zip code of your billing address

Why use NSD (Non Stop Delivery) Tracking?

We are one of the most affordable shipping companies in the market. We offer a door-to-door delivery service (delivery agents will contact you to schedule a suitable time for delivery).

How do NSD  (Non Stop Delivery) Tracking numbers look like?

NSD Tracking can be found on the left side of your order invoice.

Tracking is available only for international orders. We don’t offer NSD tracking for local deliveries (delivery within the city), or to states/cities with limited postal codes that require an additional 5 digits at the end of the zip code (for example, San Jose, CA 95113-1520).

How do I use NSD Tracking?

NSD tracking numbers consist of 20 digits. The first part contains information about your order number, the second shows where the package is from and what specific carrier is delivering it to you. For example:

AS14600451US, IN23763797US , JP33405948CN

(The first 15 digits of the number always remain the same and will be your order number.)

AS – represents FedEx. IN – USPS. JP- TNT Express Worldwide.

US – Your billing address is in United States (if you’re ordering from another country, it should be replaced by your country code).

This is how your tracking number should look like. Our system automatically generates this format for all our customers to ensure fast and easy tracking of packages from any carrier. You’ll note that the last 4 digits are unique to each shipment, while the rest remain constant, no matter what carrier you’re currently using.

NSD Tracking delivery procedure

When you receive your order, please make sure to check all items in the package before signing for them. If for some reason you don’t want the item(s) – simply refuse delivery. Our logistics team will immediately process a refund for you.

If all goes well, it is important to keep an eye on your shipment’s status after accepting delivery. In most cases, your carrier will scan an item as “Delivered” within a short period of time upon drop-off to the specified address.

In case you want to double-check if something is still being delivered – please contact us.

How NSD Tracking Shipment Update is given?

NSD Shipment Update is a powerful and quick update that will keep you up-to-date with all of our shipments.

It’s easy to receive the latest information on every shipment from anywhere in just two steps: 1) Click “Sign In” using your email address, or 2) Provide us with some verification details when asked about during setup so we can send these updates straight away.

NSD Tracking delivery schedule

Tracking information is automatically updated every 2 minutes.

Please note that carriers cant be tracked on weekends (Saturday and Sunday).


Please contact us as soon as possible, if you would like to make changes to your order details. You can do this by simply writing us an email mentioning the following:

1) Your Order Number (it’s printed on the top right of your invoice);

2) The number of items you need to be changed;

3) Which item needs to be changed;

4) Which color/size would you like to receive?

We will get back to you within 15 minutes (during business hours). Be aware of the fact that post carriers usually deliver packages on the same day, so if your order is already out for delivery – it can’t be changed.

What if the cargo is damaged or lost during delivery?

If any of the items sent to you are damaged or lost during delivery please contact us with your order number.

Please remember that our cargo is usually delivered on the same day so it can’t be changed in most cases. We’ll do our best to help resolve the situation in a timely manner, after which we will provide you with either a full refund or send you a replacement.


Yes, we can deliver your order to any address of your choosing (such as your workplace). Just let us know with your order number and name on the package by emailing us.


If the tracking number has been lost or can’t be tracked please contact us with your order number. We will generate a new tracking number and send it to you immediately.

If your package doesn’t arrive?

If you haven’t received your package within the delivery timeframe estimated by us or your carrier, please contact us with your order number. We will first check if there have been any payment issues that need to be resolved first before we can provide a refund.

About NSD (Non Stop Delivery) Courier?

NSD is a national courier service with many years of experience in the delivery business. No matter how big your order, you’ll get it delivered right to your doorstep on time!

Thank you for choosing NSD (Non-Stop Delivery) Courier.

NSD (Non Stop Delivery) Tracking International shipping?

NSD provides international shipping to most parts of the world via courier service.

What do I need to track my package?

Track packages as they make their way around the world with NSD (Non Stop Delivery) tracking.

Necessary for international customers, this service will enable you to watch your shipment’s location at all times via online access or by phone call–even when it enters an agent-couriered branch! Get updates about where goods are in transit and if there have been any delivery delays so that nothing gets lost along the way.

Contact Details

NSD TrackingPhone Support number: 800-956-7212

Email: No details

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