Shopee Order Tracking – Track & Trace Your Parcel

Shopee Order Tracking is a web-based system that allows you to track any order from any part of the world. It’s not just about ordering food either they also have clothes and other items like beauty products, household appliances, etc.

Which makes for easier browsing when looking at things on your travels as well. The tracking service will notify users if there are any delays in delivering orders so it prevents disappointments here too Shopee wants their customers happy no matter what happens during shipping time(or even before).


Shopee Order Tracking Singapore

Shopee is a popular online shopping site in Singapore. It features hundreds of products, Shopee is now tracking your orders in Singapore. The new feature has been implemented so that customers can easily check on the status of their purchases and get updates about shipping notifications. 

Singaporeans who have been using the service say that it is an excellent addition as they can now stay updated about their orders with just a few clicks. It has been welcomed by users as quickly as it was launched and is now being used frequently to track Shopee Singapore shipments.

Shopee tracking number

You also don’t even have to log onto Shopee’s site as you just need to put in your order number/name and 4-digit PIN code for verification purposes – no username.

Shopee Order Tracking is a free service that can be used by any Shopee user, all you have to do is enter your local or international order number and you will be able to access the relevant tracking information. By clicking ‘Track Shipment’, users can see exactly where their shipment currently is and which courier has picked it up.

Shopee tracking thailand

Shopee, Thailand’s leading e-commerce platform offers a variety of items at competitive prices. The need for this service was felt when consumers found that many local stores were not following the law and selling fake products.

Now “Customers are happy to know the status of their shipments in real-time. They will continue to improve their service so that it can give more convenience to users,” Shopee Thailand Country Managing Director

How to Track Shopee Orders?

Step 1. Open your email inbox and look for the mail that contains the order number. Mail subject will contain ‘Shopee Order Tracking’ text.

Step 2. Click on the track button which redirects you to shop online shopping sites.

Step 3. Enter your order number or name & 4-digit PIN code mentioned in the mail subject for verification purposes and click the track button to view update your order status.

Step 4. You can also access shop online shopping sites by clicking the link mentioned in the mail body.

Customers will be alerted when their order has arrived at certain locations like airports, stores, or warehouses for easy pick-ups (depending on your location preference).

‘They’re always looking to improve their customer experience, ‘With Shopee Order Tracking, customers are able to easily follow their shipments without having to sign up for an account or log into the site.

Shopee tracking gogo express

Now Shopee tracking is not limited to local orders only they now support international shipping services like TK*15, EMS, and GOGO express.

Gogo express is Vietnam international shipping company that provides services like door-to-door delivery, consolidated shipment, etc.

It is possible using Shopee’s new order tracking system for GOGO Express. Users can track the status of their consignment by inserting the order number and 4-digit PIN code (provided in the mail body or subject).

How much time shopee take to deliver the order?

There is good news for customers who buy from shopee. The delivery time has been shortened from 4-6 days to just 2 days, as the logistics companies have improved their service quality and delivery speed.

Shopee is now offering a faster and more convenient delivery option as it sends orders from its fulfillment centers to warehouses near the customer’s location.

About Shopee

Shopee is a fast-growing online shopping store from Asia’s largest e-commerce company, Sea Ltd. Shopee is the leading direct distributor of products in SEA with over 10 million new customers for this year. Shopee offers a unique way to purchase millions of items on one online platform – from fashion, electronics, beauty, and home appliances to everyday items with a great deal.

In addition, Shopee provides a reliable global delivery service at the lowest possible price through strategic partnerships with reputable courier companies. Shopee has been recognized by Google as one of Asia’s rising tech stars in 2018 and was selected as “Best Startup for Southeast Asia” at the Europe-based International Startup Festival.

Shopee was founded by Sea Group and helped grow the company into what it is today. This is Shopee’s first step towards SEA expansion and will expand later on to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, and more in the future.

How much does shopee cost?

Shopee offers a Shopping as a Service business model that allows customer brands to maximize revenue and reduce costs. Using Shopee’s unique way of selling items, brands including local and international ones can connect with customers directly and expand their online businesses rapidly through smart logistics management at cheap prices. If you find it’s expensive the do visit cost-effective cargo like, EMP cargo.

What makes Shopee different from other marketplaces?

Providing a unique way to sell items, brands can connect with customers directly and expand their online businesses rapidly – Monetize products through Xpress Buy and Shopee Mall – No monthly fees or set-ups for merchants.

Shopee is the largest and most comprehensive e-commerce platform in ASIAN with over 50 million active customers from all over SEA. 

Shopee tracking spx

Shopee app users can now track their orders with Shopee’s new order tracking system. Now Shopee tracker has improved the speed of delivery to just 2 days, as well as including GOGO express for international shipment services.