IPS Web Postal Courier Tracking – Track & Trace Your Parcel

The technology of IPS Web Postal Courier Tracking can be accessed via the Internet. The advantages are that it’s available 24/7; it will track your order’s real-time location. So you don’t need to worry about where your package is coming from or when exactly it’s going there for this service to work.

It also gives users peace of mind knowing their item will arrive at an expected time with no delays due to unknown circumstances on either end – all thanks again. IPS web Postal Courier Tracking system supplies updates about various aspects of moving stuff around, including location information every step of the way until delivery has been made.”

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How to use IPS Web Postal Courier Tracking?

The technology here is based on a barcode system to track the package, so no courier fees are required for this service. Just type the tracking number and click ‘Track.’ If you have any questions about your item’s location, check it on the tracking site.

So just go to the homepage and type in your tracking number into the box, and you will receive all of the information you need as shown below:

Track by Reference:

Enter your Reference number, for example, IP1234567890123456 (12 digits)

Track by Courier Code: Enter your courier code, for instance, IML1234567890123456 (8 digits)

Track by Customer Service number: Enter your customer service number, for example, 1234567890 (10 digits)

How is IPS Web Postal Courier Tracking delivery Shipment Update given?

“During the delivery process, the sender and receiver will receive an email with a tracking number. If you have not received this email or if there is still no information on your order. You can contact our customer service team to get assistance.” Customer Service: Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm.


“Yes, you can edit your order.” Please do this before the tracking number is assigned. If the courier was already assigned and you want to change it, please contact us through our customer service department.

How will I get my item once it’s been shipped?

Your package will be sent by a postal courier, and they will deliver via the address information that you provided to us. Please ensure that this is your correct address and that someone is at home to receive the package.”


“If you think that your order has been lost or stolen, please contact us immediately. We’ll investigate, and we will provide a replacement solution as soon as possible.”

If your package doesn’t arrive?

“In this case of a late delivery, please contact us immediately. We’ll investigate, and we will provide a replacement solution as soon as possible.” This IPS Web Postal Courier Tracking site is a free service provided by IPS Singapore. Track your packages for FREE. you can visit cheap rate Ward freight cargo service.

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