Turkish Airlines Air Cargo Tracking – Track & Trace Your Parcel

Turkish Airlines Air Cargo Tracking is a top carrier in the sky, taking care of all your air cargo needs. For those who want to track their precious shipments as they fly from one country to another or even around Europe, for example – Turkish has you covered.

The tracking service includes information such as flight number and estimated time until it arrives at its final destination. So there’s nothing left out here when looking into how much easier traveling can get if using these guys instead of any other carrier.

Track your order with Just a click on the “Track” button


The main reason Turkish Airlines is ranked fourth in the world when it comes down to air cargo is the significant number of services offered, not only for passengers but also for companies and people in business who need their shipments to be trackable at all times. This way, they can keep an eye on where their load is to rest assured for a moment and focus on what matters – their work.

How to use Turkish Airlines Air Cargo Tracking? 

First of all, don’t be overwhelmed by its size. Turkish Airlines is one of the largest carriers in the world and has flights to over 300 destinations which are constantly expanding as time goes by, so it can get a bit tough to navigate this site at first. Still, once you’ve got the hang of things, it’s pretty easy.

The primary way to track your shipment is by going to the Turkish Airlines Cargo Tracking page and inputting correct tracking information, including flight number, destination, and a brief description of what exactly it is that you’re tracking. You can do this by going into ‘track a shipment’ or directly going into ‘cargo services.’

How is Turkish Airlines Air Cargo Tracking delivery Shipment Update given?

This tracking service not only provides you with all the information regarding your shipment’s route and time until it arrives but also gives you a brief description of what exactly is going on at any given moment. For example, if your package got delayed or just took another route than expected, this will notify you as soon as possible so that there’s nothing left out.


Yes, you can. In case you notice a mistake in the information provided regarding your shipment’s tracking number, for example, or if it got lost somewhere along the way and needs to be rerouted, it is possible to make a change to your order. All you have to do is contact customer support at [email protected], where they will see what they can do for you.

Contact Details:

Telephone Number: +90 212 444 0 849 (domestic) – 0 850 333 0849 (International)

Contact E-mail ID: [email protected]

IATA Code: TK Cargo Tracking

Tracking Number Example: 235 – 12345678