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Ward Trucking LTL Freight Tracking – Track & Trace Your Parcel

Ward Trucking LTL Freight Tracking is pleased to offer Freight Tracking for all of their LTL shipments. This option provides the most up-to-date information on your shipment’s delivery status, allowing you peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly where it stands.

Picking out a carrier can be tough since there are so many options available, but now thanks Ward Transport has made choosing easy by giving customers access to their own website page with tracking numbers which will allow them to see when packages were delivered or shipped as well as what time each occurred in the shipping process (in case anything happens).


How to use Ward Trucking LTL Freight Tracking?

Just enter your shipment’s reference number or scan the label with your phone’s barcode app. Ward Trucking LTL Freight Tracking also offers its customers the option to customize their own invoices which include all of their carrier information for easy access upon receiving a package.

It is very important that customers have this additional access to their shipments, especially if they are expecting an important package that they need to sign for.

If you want to track your order or your shipment just enter the reference number to Ward and you will see exactly where it is.

Ward Trucking also makes sure that when you shop with them they will provide options specifically for your business and for your needs and requirements (or even personal needs).

How do  Ward Trucking LTL Freight Tracking numbers look like?

Ward Trucking LTL Freight Tracking numbers are 9 digits, but customers should also be aware that the first two digits indicate the year of shipment. The next three are for customer reference and then there are four digits representing time in transit.

Ward Trucking LTL Freight Tracking  delivery procedure

Ward Trucking LTL Freight Tracking drivers arrive at their destination in the set time frame, which is consistent with any other shipping company. But Ward Transport is currently the only carrier offering this option for its customers.

You will know exactly when your shipment was delivered if you choose to use Ward Trucking LTL Freight Tracking for all of your shipments.

How Ward Trucking LTL Freight Tracking delivery Shipment Update is given?

Customers will receive a text message and email notification on the delivery of their shipment that includes all information such as:

Tracking number and Ward Trucking LTL Freight Tracking reference number. The name of the person who signed for the package (if necessary) And confirmation of when it was delivered. If your parcel is delayed they will also let you know about it.

Ward Trucking LTL Freight Tracking Logistic Solution

LTL is a great option for any business looking to transport larger, heavier shipments that need to be transported safely and securely. And Ward Transport provides both dedicated and shared services depending on your needs.

Their carriers are chosen based on their ability to safely and securely handle business shipments with delicate, temperature-controlled, or high-value items. Customers who choose Ward Transport can be confident that their shipment will arrive on time and exactly as it was intended to.

Ward Trucking LTL Freight Tracking delivery schedule

If so, then you need to sign up for Ward Trucking’s LTL Freight Tracking. This service will keep an eye on when the truck arrives at each stage of its journey from origin all the way until it reaches its front door with a Record Status update letting us know what state or country they’re in.

A few things that might help:

1) Make sure there is contact information included in case something goes wrong

2). Include any weight restrictions

3.) Specify if they have refrigerated cargo

4.). Inform them about hazardous materials


Yes, you can. However, it’s important to contact us as soon as possible. If your order is in the process of being processed or packed, changing something might create more delays.

You are able to cancel the order even after it has been sent for processing or packing. Unfortunately, there will be a charge of $10 if you decided to cancel your order.

What are the Ward Trucking LTL Freight Tracking Prices?

Ward Transport provides some of the lowest freight shipping prices around. And the cost of their services is determined by a number of factors including weight, dimensions, mode of transport and distance traveled.


In case of losing a tracking number, please contact the carrier company immediately. And if you have not been able to get it from them, please email us at email protected. They will do their best to help you track down your package.

Please note that the following circumstances are beyond their control and may cause a delay in reporting a problem with your shipment.

If your package doesn’t arrive?

If your package doesn’t arrive within the estimated delivery time please contact us and they will do their best to investigate the matter. But please note that they can only track down the information provided by you and send it to you as soon as possible. Please note that they do not take responsibility for any packages left unattended at a residence.

Ward Trucking LTL Special offers:

They offer a wide range of Ward Transport discount coupons that can help you save on your shipment. Track your shipment! Sign up now for free and track LTL Freight Shipments with their easy-to-use LTL Freight Tracking Logistic Solution. Ward Trucking offers a variety of services to accommodate different customer needs and budgets including dedicated, shared, time-definite, and expedited services. If you want cheap courier services then visit here TBA shipping,

About Ward Trucking LTL Freight?

Ward Trucking is one of the nation’s leading transportation companies and has been for many years. They have vast experience and knowledge in the transport industry and always put their customers first for their best interests.

Their headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas with multiple additional office locations throughout the state including Waco, New Braunfels, Tyler & Longview to name a few as well as many agent locations.

Their goal is to provide excellent service with the utmost care and to ensure their customers are satisfied enough to use them again in the future; which is why they strive for excellence at all times.

Contact Details

Customer Support Phone number: 814-944-0803 / 800-458-3625

Contact Email:

Ward Trucking Corp Fax Number: 814-944-5470

Mailing or Letter Support Address: P.O. Box 1553 Altoona, PA 16603

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