Lazada Express (LEX) Courier Tracking – Track & Trace Your Parcel

The Lazada Express (LEX) Courier Tracking is a courier service that offers fast delivery of packages through the postal system. The tracking information for your shipment will be available on their website, so you can track it as soon they leave our warehouse

In the world of e-commerce, company Lazada Express (LEX). LAZADEXPRESS’S is an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers with C2C orders through different platforms.


How to use Lazada Express (LEX) Courier Tracking?

LEX has made it simple and straightforward to use its tracking system for sending goods. All you have to do is enter your shipping code, verify that the information about yourself is correct (including name), decide on a delivery date & time window which can be up until one minute before or after this period expires; then press Track Contact Us

LEX System provides peace of mind knowing where an item will land when shipped via airmail at indefinite intervals because all facts are updated instantaneously including its location. If something isn’t working properly within 60 seconds please refresh.

Why use Lazada Express (LEX) Courier Tracking?

Shipment Information to Delivery Status Information System Lazada Express (LEX) Courier Tracking provides free and real-time tracking service for international shipments sent through our network. The process is easy, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Enter Tracking Number Your shipment information can be found on your Bill of Landing. Please enter your shipment’s tracking number into the search box above to start the tracking process

Step 2: Track Delivery Status You can track your shipment quickly by typing in any reference number or consignment note required. Once you have received this information, click ‘Track Order’ to view delivery status details.

How do  Lazada Express (LEX) Courier Tracking numbers look like?

When you receive the courier, you can see the Lazada Express (LEX) Courier Tracking number printed on your tracking barcode. For example, below is what LEX’s Courier Tracking barcode looks like.

References : Lazada Express (LEX) Courier TB No Format Example 1 JY5909400001MY 7 digits +MY = Malaysia Example 2 KA1031200000US 9 digits +US = USA.

Lazada Express (LEX) Courier Tracking delivery procedure

As a customer, you need to know when your package is going to be delivered. The tracking number will allow this and also let the courier know if there’s any problem with delivery so they can try again later on in order not to mess up an important event.

Lazada Express (LEX) Courier Tracking delivery schedule

The process of ordering from Lazada through the LEX courier is fast and easy. First, a user must create an account on their website by providing some basic personal information such as name and email address in addition to activating two-step verification if desired for extra security purposes since this service uses online chat functionality too.

Next up comes verifying which items are being purchased followed by selecting whether they want these products shipped internationally or within China only; lastly choosing between regular shipping speed options: Express International (usually 4 business days), Global Express  (usually 6 business days), or Priority Plus International (usually 10-15 business days). If you want more urgently then visit EMP cargo.

The courier will pick up the package within a day and it will be sent to their warehouse. If there are any problems with the shipment, they’ll contact you by email so these can be discussed.


The process of making changes to orders is a simple one. If there are any discrepancies in the data, just provide an updated version and we will adjust anything that needs updating on our end.

What if the cargo is damaged or lost during delivery?

Couriers are only responsible for delivering items, not damaged or lost items. If you want to make a claim for loss or damage, you’ll need to contact the seller directly and they will do this on your behalf.

Lazada Express (LEX) Courier Tracking information


If it got lost, customers can contact our Customer Service team at [email protected] and they will help you track your package in no time.

If your package doesn’t arrive?

If the courier is unable to complete the delivery of your parcel due to an incomplete or incorrect address or because they couldn’t find you at home, they will leave a notice informing you where it can be collected.  If they are unable to deliver the package within 15 days, it will be sent back to us and we’ll get in touch with you so it can either be resent or refunded.


If for some reason your parcel was returned to us after trying to deliver it, our team of couriers will inform you via email and we will guide you through the process and what to do next.

About Lazada Express (LEX) Courier Tracking?

Lazada Express (LEX) Courier Service Lazada Express (LEX) is a courier service that offers fast delivery of packages through the postal system. The tracking information for your shipment will be available on their website, so you can track it.

Lazada Express (LEX) Courier Tracking International shipping?

Lazada Express (LEX) Courier Tracking is using courier services to deliver to international countries, however, not all countries are covered.

What do I need to track my package?

There are two ways you can find out the shipping status of your order: You can check your order status on your LEX account or contact our customer service.

Lazada Express (LEX) Courier Tracking Why choose us?

LEX combines a global logistics platform with a local courier network, providing a flexible and scalable model that is robust enough to adapt to many different countries while being efficient enough so it doesn’t compromise speed or service levels.

Contact Details

Customer Support Phone number: 03 8601 1888

Helping Hours: Mon – Fri: 08.00 am to 09.00 pm & Weekends and Public Holidays: 9.00 am – 6.00 pm

Tracking Number Example: MPDS-397492527-6079