Kantor Pos Indonesia courier tracking – Track & Trace Your Parcel

Kantor Pos Indonesia courier tracking is a service that lets you monitor and track the location and status of your parcel. You can also receive notifications when it reaches its destination or if there are any issues along the way, just like with FedEx’s online system.

Kantor Pos Indonesia is a logistics company that provides couriering services. They offer on-time delivery, the lowest rates of commissions, and insurance coverage for your valuable goods through their network of over 20 branches across the country.

Track Your Order Easily


Kantor Pos Indonesia is a trusted courier in Asia. They offer efficient and secure shipping services to all customers, with an extensive network across the globe as well as other major cities throughout South East Asia such that they have access even when you’re not at home or office.

Their tracking system provides real-time updates on the location status for each shipment so there’s no need to worry about your package being lost along its journey between sender/receiver through online account management.

How to use Kantor Pos Indonesia courier ​Tracking?

There are several steps to follow if you want to track your order using the Kantor Pos Indonesia courier tracking system.

Click the “tracker” button above section of this website, or search for ‘Kantor pos Indonesia in google then click the official kantor pos Indonesia webpage.

Enter the shipment reference number, which you can find on your shipment email notification.

Click the “Track” button and wait for the results to show up.

Note: If Kantor Pos Indonesia is not able to locate an order using a shipment reference number, you may need to enter the sender’s name or receiver’s address instead. This tracking service is only available if the senders or receivers are in Indonesia.

How is Kantor Pos Indonesia courier ​Tracking delivery Shipment Update given?

Kantor Pos Indonesia courier tracking delivery updates are given in four ways: You can get an email notification when a package is sent. You will also find a shipment status update on your order’s page, so if you sign in to see your shipment’s progress it’ll be on the left side at ‘track my parcel’. You can get an SMS notification when your package reaches its destination.

Which courier company provides tracking service with the same features?

There are many companies but no one is at the level of Kantor Pos Indonesia. So other cargo agency that gives out shipment status, FedEx, DHL. BGL, HKDC Cargo. etc.


If you lost your shipment reference number, there are some ways to find it again. In most cases, you need to contact your customer service crew. If you bought your product online, the order number might be enough to track it down. Some packages also contain tracking labels that can be scanned to show package location data.

Contact Details:

Customer Support Phone number: +62 21 161

Contact Email: [email protected]