ACT Transportation Freight Tracking – Track & Trace Your Parcel

The ACT transportation logistics company has a variety of services to offer, from shipping and receiving. They can track your vessel or vehicle so that you don’t have any issues with delivery.

ACT Transport Freight Tracking is here for all those who need help managing their freight movements efficiently without causing damage during shipment – whether it’s one package going through the postal service as well as being transported by the truck-on load; our team will take care if everything gets delivered safely within time limits set out before us at customer request.

No need for login just enter the tracking number of your order


The ACT team is always looking for ways to save time and money. The latest addition of tracking freight with the use of GPS technology will be sure not only to speed up your shipping process but also to give you more information on where that package goes after it leaves our facilities.

How to use ACT Transportation Freight Tracking?

To use the ACT Transportation Freight Tracking service, all you need to do is to enter the tracking number and it only takes a few minutes of your time. Then, you will get all the information under the shipping label or tracking number.

ACT Transportation Freight Tracking Service

The ACT Transportation Freight Tracking service is available 24/7 to help your company’s freight deliveries stay on schedule.

Their team will monitor the location of your shipment, keeping you informed about any significant delays so that you can manage your resources accordingly. With this information at hand, their team will also be able to determine whether you need to dispatch another vehicle or if the shipment can be handled by one already en route.

During expedited shipments, our team will need all of your contact information – The ACT Transportation Freight Tracking service also requires that we have a direct line with the people who are managing this specific shipment throughout its course. This way they can keep you informed of any changes to the package’s itinerary. All of this is to ensure that you can be well informed when it comes to everything related to your cargo.


If for any reason you might have lost the freight tracking number, you can simply contact their team and let them know. Their freight tracking system has been designed to be as intuitive as possible so that all of their clients can easily follow the location of their cargo from beginning to end.

If your package doesn’t arrive?

If your freight tracking number shows that the cargo has arrived at ACT but you haven’t received it, their team will be there to help you with everything related to your shipment; they can track lost shipments if required and contact the people responsible for transporting these packages.

ACT Freight Tracking service is fully committed to customer service excellence. They are available anytime, day or night to answer your questions and offer their assistance.

Contact Details:

Phone Number: (334) 793-2284, (800) 633-7571

Contact Email: [email protected]