Pantos Logistics Tracking – Track & Trace Your Parcel

Pantos Logistics Tracking is a specially designed program for Pantos Shipping that helps them track all their shipments. Pantos Logistics is a leading logistics company that specializes in the transportation and delivery of goods. With an ever-growing customer base, they have been able to improve their service by implementing advanced tracking technology onto every single shipment so you know exactly where it’s going from start through the finish line.

Now you can track your order in just one step


The web-based system also offers valuable features such as export capability, barcode scanning functionality, and more so they can be efficient in managing inventory levels while still being able to monitor deliveries from both vendor or customer perspectives at any given time of day or night.

How to use Pantos Logistics Tracking?

Using Pantos Logistics Tracking is very easy. You can track shipments via tracking number online. Pantos Logistics Tracking is free to use and you will find no limitations in regards to the number of shipments you want to keep tabs on. Even better, this system is accessible via all types of modern browsers, including Android and iOS. This means you can monitor your shipments on the go whenever needed.

Enter your tracking number and click on ‘Track’.

Pantos Logistics Tracking can monitor all of your shipments and give you detailed information about that shipment. You will be able to see:

  • Date and time of departure. 
  • Departure station name.  
  • Shipping agent.  
  • Customs authority if applicable.  
  • A number of packages.  
  • Type of shipment.  
  • Service provider and tracking links.   

How do  Pantos Logistics Tracking numbers look like?

Pantos Logistics Tracking numbers are coded as follows:


The first four digits represent the Pantos logistics number.  The second set represents your order number and is determined by you. This allows you to monitor all your shipments easily, as each shipment will be different. The final set of numbers is the actual tracking number.


If you need to make a change to your order, contact us immediately. We will be happy to assist you in making changes to your order before it is shipped out.

Pantos Logistics Tracking helps Shipping companies increase their customer service levels and fight fraud by allowing them to track orders down from the moment they are sent from manufacture all the way until it is delivered.

Pantos Logistics Tracking has built a strong reputation for being one of the top providers for logistics in all of Europe. With their high-tech system that offers online tracking, If they are not allowed to make changes in your order then do visit shpostwish.


You will need to contact Pantos Logistics Tracking directly. If the tracking number is lost, it means you have not received the shipment yet. Pantos Logistics Tracking can help you with that. All shipments are assigned a tracking number for your convenience.

Contact Details:

Customer Support Phone number: 82-2-3771-2911

Contact Email: [email protected]

Service Locations: Korea, UK, Japan, Singapore