Pacific Asia Express Tracking – Track & Trace Your Parcel

Pacific Asia Express Tracking is a cargo shipping company that provides tracking services for all of its shipments. With this service, you can monitor the progress and location of your package online 24 hours a day.

You can view every activity and action taken by PAE within 24 hours for each of your packages as well as an estimated date it will arrive at its destination or status update if there has been any change in the movement since last reported through PAE international’ s Global Real-Time Tracking System (GRTS).

The Pacific Agent tracking system offers many benefits over traditional ways of shipping items globally due in part because there are no additional fees involved when using this service which makes it more affordable than other international express companies out on market today.

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How its work?

You can search for your package by entering the reference number, the sender’s name, or the recipient’s address in a unique tracking portal. The most common information that is provided by this tracking service for each package includes:

1. Date and time of delivery

2. Location where the package is currently situated

3. Status or condition update if there were any changes since the previous update

4. Other activity that was taken by our agents since last received.

How do Pacific Asia Express Tracking numbers look like?

The unique tracking number that is assigned to your package starts with “A” which represents the location of where it was sent from, the country of origin.

The next series of digits (starting with one to four numbers) represents the service type or method of shipping that was used which is composed of International Express, Air Freight, Sea Freight, and Courier.

Then the final series of digits (four numbers) represent the unique number that was assigned to the package.

When will my item arrive?

Our Pacific Asia Express Tracking system will estimate the arrival of your item based on its current location and delivery speed. This estimate may change as it becomes aware of any unexpected delays or changes.

Can I make changes to the order?

As long as the package has not been handed to our local agent for delivery, you can still make changes to your order such as, the recipient name, the shipping address, or cancel it. However, for you to be able to make changes, your order must have not yet been processed or already been with our local agent for delivery. Once the package is handed over to our local agent for delivery, They will not able to make any further changes. If you are not happy with this courier, try this worldwide Hub Europe.

Is there a Lost Package Guarantee?

Pacific Asia Express offers are very confident in the security of our services and choose not to offer a “lost package guarantee” in order to keep our rates lower. They make sure that all packages are Tracked.

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