Economy International Shipping Tracking – Track & Trace Your Parcel

Tracking an item as it travels across borders can be tricky, but luckily there are Economy International Shipping companies that offer tracking services. These trackers will let you know exactly where your package is at any given time and how long it’s going to take for them to send out a confirmation email with delivery info on the location.

It’s a good idea to check your order, there is no fee to check your order status. This article will focus on international shipping companies that offer tracking services and will be updated when a better service comes along.

Enter your “Tracking Number” then Hit the “Track button


Economy International Shipping Tracking China Post

China Post is the national postal service of China and one of the cheapest options for shipping to/from Asian countries. This article does not cover EMS so if you need tracking it’s best to use an international company like FedEx or DHL.

The first thing we can talk about with China post is that they implement a color and number system for their packages. The number system is the best way to tell who’s package it is but not all carriers use that, so you can’t rely on just that.

China Post tracking numbers start with P then eight digits (i.e JX155990852CN)

The first two digits are the country code for China, in this case, “15”.

The next two digits are simply the postal code.

The final six numbers are the package number.

Economy International Shipping Tracking Number Format

The number format is different depending on the carrier. Some carriers use a very simple system where the first 2 numbers represent the country and the next 5 numbers represent the package number (1544013456).

Other carriers like DHL and FedEx will use a much more complicated system (DE128941720DE).

DHL Economy International Shipping Tracking

DHL is one of the best options for shipping to/from Asian countries, sometimes they are even cheaper than FedEx.

One useful feature about DHL is that you can track your package by just entering a tracking number. You don’t need to enter the GH and last name (i.e gh123).

Economy International Shipping  JAPAN  Post

JAPAN post is one of the slowest carriers but sometimes you get lucky and it only takes 3-7 days. If your package is taking longer than that then you’ve probably got some bad information on your delivery address or they couldn’t find the person at the house. JAPAN post does not reroute packages so there’s nothing they can do.

One important thing to know about JAPAN posts is that their tracking numbers are only 9 digits (i.e RA00035JP).

If your number has more than 9 digits then you probably have the wrong format, it should be like this: EF412EW11.

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