Direct Entry Tracking – Track & Trace Your Parcel

Direct Entry Tracking is an innovative way to track orders, inventory levels, and customer activity using just one tracking number. The Direct-Tracking system simplifies order entry by allowing businesses greater control of how they want their information stored in the database which can then be accessed at any time through our seamless web-based tracking system.

The Direct-Tracking system is used for both international and domestic shipping, you can track the order of websites such as eBay sellers who receive thousands of packages per day. Imagine the time it would take to keep track of all those numbers without this system. You can also use the Direct-Tracking system to keep track of your inventory levels. When you can see in real-time how many items are left in delivery, you’ll have a better idea of when it’s time to order more.


How to use Direct Entry Tracking order?

Direct Entry Tracking can be used by sellers using eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, BigCommerce, and any other shopping cart that accepts tracking numbers. When ordering from these sites or if you are a seller receiving multiple orders per day you’ll want to implement our direct entry system so your order information is automatically added to the database. You just need to enter the tracking number to track your order easily.

How Direct Entry Tracking order delivery Shipment Update is given?

You will receive an email when there is any update on your shipment. The emails are sent by our Shipment Tracking Team who manually track the tracking number and work to get you the order confirmation or delivery information quickly.

How long does it take to get a complete Shipment Update using Direct Entry Tracking?

Typically, customers see an update within three hours of placing the order, but for some shipments, it can take longer. Direct Entry Tracking is not an automated system that will send you “auto-updates” like other services out there (which won’t work well if your carrier doesn’t support these auto-updates). If you are fed up with this carrier then look at the other carrier at a very cheap rate, Forest Garden, Expert Logistics.

How to track USPS international shipment using Direct Entry Tracking?

After placing an order and making payment, please give the Direct Entry Tracking number to the shipping company you choose. The shipment will be updated on your account as soon as we receive any update from our team which manually tracks each and every package.


If you’ve lost your tracking number, please contact our customer service. Please be aware that your order will not be on the system if you do not enter the Direct Entry Tracking number.

Contact Details:

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Customer Help Phone Number: 020 3198 1364