China Post Tracking – Track & Trace Your Parcel

The China Post Tracking system is an essential tool for keeping tabs on your package during delivery. You can track its movement in real-time or set up notifications so you know when it’s about to arrive at its final destination.

China Post is a state-owned company that delivers mail throughout the country. They are also responsible for international shipping which means they have access to global markets and can ship any product anywhere at an affordable price, too.

Enter Your Order Tracking Number


To make sure you get your package as quickly as possible China post uses fast air courier service or slower sea routes depending on how much time it needs to reach its destination safely – usually two days maximum but sometimes less if there’s bad weather along those coasts because storms tend not only cause delays but accidents happen often enough where lives could be lost just trying to send out these important packages into deep water with no protection whatsoever so pack accordingly.

China post also provides tracking for many other companies like DHL, EMS, etc. To check your foreign shipping options everywhere in the world go to their website and find out if they can deliver your package on time in good condition.

China Post Tracking System

Their system uses only one method of tracking called waybill which is basically a tracking number you can use to get information about where your package is also known as AWB No. which stands for Air Waybill number indicating how far it is from your doorstep – the air waybill contains seven numbers but only last five digits are required for checking its status so if you think of it like this:

1XXX-1234567890 it’s actually easy to remember and you need only the last five digits no matter how many there are, so 1234567890 is all you’d need to enter for checking up on your package.

How To Track Packages Through China Post?

There is a tracking system that can track everything in real-time like other couriers like DHL, EMS, and FedEx – who can send you an email about every new location your package has visited while in transit to its final destination.

China post tracking EMS?

China post has a tracking system for EMS express mail service which is what you’d need if your package is being sent by that carrier since the only two China posts offer are airmail and sea.

China post tracking global?

China post tracking global is free and they’re pretty good about it delivering your package no later than 2-3 weeks and some cases overnight for some goods.

Contact Details:

Address: No.3 Financial Street, Xicheng District, Beijing 

Zip Code: 100808