Carphone Warehouse Order Status Tracking – Track & Trace Your Parcel

Carphone Warehouse is the UK’s largest retailer of mobile phones, computers, and tablets. They’ve got all your favorite brands like Apple & Samsung right in one place for you to choose from – no need to look any further! With an easy-to-find order status page on their website (which can be accessed here), it’ll make checking up on what items are shipping when much easier than doing so via phone calls with customer service representatives who may not always give accurate information about order due dates or expected delivery times.

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Keeping track of your orders is easy with Carphone Warehouse’s Order Status Tracking. When you place an order and enter all required information, the website will automatically generate a tracking number for each item that ships from their warehouse in London or Bristol.

How to use Carphone Warehouse Order Status Tracking?

Log into your Carphone Warehouse account and click “Orders” Once you get there, the orders that have been completed will show up on the page. Click “Track Your Order” for the item that you would like to obtain information about. or you just need to enter the tracking number in the above search box.

How do  Carphone Warehouse Order Status Tracking numbers look like?

Carphone Warehouse Order Status Tracking numbers can be found on the order status page that you will get after the purchase.

Tracking results of an item with Carphone Warehouse’s Order Status tracking system:


The first part of the code (1Z15) is the order number. The next part (0235249) is the customer’s phone or email address that was used to make the purchase. Next, there are four numbers that correspond with the delivery method chosen by the buyer during the checkout process – 0 for standard delivery, 1 for premium next day delivery, 2 for free standard delivery, and 3 for premium-free next day delivery. Finally, the last part of the code (0296530) is a unique order number assigned by Carphone Warehouse’s warehouse system on the dispatch date.

How often do I need to check my orders?

You can check on your orders as many times as you like – there’s no such thing as too much information. Whether it be to monitor the shipping status or re-route your package to a different address, having access to the order status tracking system is incredibly helpful.


In case you lost your tracking number, please contact the customer services of Carphone Warehouse through phone or email. You can also chat with them online.

How Carphone Warehouse Order Status Tracking delivery Shipment Update is given?

As soon as your order ships from our warehouse, you will receive an email notification. A Carphone Warehouse Order Status Tracking shipment update will also be sent to the email address or phone number that was registered on the order as soon as it goes through some of our carriers’ sorting facilities. If you are not satisfied then do visit this courier service, DAMCO SHIPPING

Contact Details:

Phone Number: 0800 049 6250

Support Timing: Monday – Friday: 8am – 9pm & Saturday: 9am – 6pm, Sunday: 11am – 5pm