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Canada Zip Codes:

Canada Zip Codes: Canada is divided into 10 provinces and 3 territories, which are further subdivided into geographic regions, districts, or census divisions. Some of these subdivisions have their own postal code formats. Each province and territory has a different zip code format.

For example:

  • Alberta: AB T1X 0A1
  • New Brunswick: NB E1X 1A2
  • Nova Scotia: NS B1X 2A3

Zip code is a 5 digit representation of the address that you are at. It is specific to the US but other countries have their own versions of it which are often called postal codes.

Zipcodes were first introduced in the US back in 1963. The idea was to simplify the sorting and delivery of mail by grouping addresses according to geographical regions. The zip codes are usually assigned based on the first 3 digits of an address or area, for example, 90080 or 90012.

5 Digit Codes in Canada?

A zip code is a code that is used to locate a specific location in the USA. It is typically five digits long, and it identifies a state, county, or city. It can be an alpha-numeric sequence that falls in the range of 00000 – 99999. Zipcodes are assigned by USPS for use in mailing within the United States of America.


What Is the Zip Code for Toronto Canada?

This has been a question that everybody needs to answer. There are several ways of finding out the zip code for Toronto, Canada. You can get it through your phone or through your computer.

If you get the zip code, then it is very easy to find out because all you need to do is open up any map app and search for Toronto and its location will be shown on the map. However, if you get it through your computer, then there are various websites that provide this information and they also provide different types of information such as weather and traffic updates through zip codes.

Some Canada Postal Codes of Canada?

If you want to send a letter or package using Canada Post, you have to use the postal code. There are two different kinds of postal codes in Canada. The first kind is called a LAC (Local) postal code, which is basically a postal code for your local mail carrier to use when delivering mail.

The second kind of postal code is called an EAC (Expression of Interest Code). This postal code is used for parcels that are being sent through Canada Post. It’s basically used to keep track of any kind of shipments through the company.


L1L 2C2

(This is the postal code for the Parliament buildings in Ottawa. This is an example of a LAC postal code.)

E0A 0B0

(This is the postal code for an EAC postal code)

If you don’t know the postal code for your destination you can always search on Canada Post’s “Find a Postal Code”.

Some most Poplar Canada ZIP Code List:

There is some most popular Canada Postal Code List. I’m posting here all the list of cities’ names with postal codes. You can easily search your city by using this page for Canada Postal Code here. You can also visit Tforce Logistics.

Some most Poplar Canada ZIP Code List:

  • Edmonton – T5J 2G8
  • Ottawa – K1A 0B6
  • Toronto – M4W 1A8
  • Hamilton – L8N 3E3
  • Calgary – T2P 3R5
  • Vancouver – V6B 5G4
  • Montreal – H3A 2T8
  • Winnipeg – R3B 2P8
  • Kitchener – N2M 5E6
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