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Canada Cartage Tracking – Track & Trace Your Parcel

This is the Canada Cartage Tracking, where you can track your business or personal parcels to locate their location, delivery and be updated on their update. Canada Cartage also known as CCT is located in Mississauga Ontario Canada is a transport, shipping, and logistics center in the Toronto region. They provide ocean, air, and ground services with over 100 terminals throughout North America. If you use the Canadian Postal Service (CPS) to ship your packages, you may need to track a package at one point or another. 

Since we have started shipping to our customers with Canada Cartage. The web tracking facility they provide with their shipments has been of immense help to us. While the web-based package tracking system on their website is indeed very user-friendly with a lot of humane features which gives you a feeling that you’re tracking your shipment with your mom, they still prefer to go the raw way and view the package status using the Canada Cartage Tracking.


The Canada Cartage allows you to see the shipment with details such as the delivery date and monitoring of the account without any delay. It is also very important to know the basic aspects so it helps to make your work easier.

How to use the Canada Cartage Tracking system?

Canada Cartage Tracking system is a great way to keep track of your shipments once the consignment has been handed over to Canada Cartage. And, it enables you to keep an eye on the deliveries, whether you’re a shipping agent or a receiver of shipments, or a client making a shipment to another state.

The Canada Cartage tracking number is a 10 digit code that allows you to track your parcel/package. Tracking information for your order is available online. So, please enter the Tracking number you were provided by our customer care representative and press Enter. You will receive detailed tracking information. If your order is no longer in transit, you can also check the status of a shipment using this tool. For further information, please contact our customer service team.

How is the delivery Shipment Update given?

The Canada Cartage Tracking System is a great solution that has been made available online to the general public. It gives you more freedom to track your goods in transit. There are many factors that affect the delivery and shipping of your cargo. These include things like weather, traffic conditions, force majeure, and other external elements that can slow down the progress or delay it altogether. With this system, you are assured of knowing about these beforehand and prepared for their eventualities. Visit XPRESS Courier.

What if your package is lost or damaged?

Every year, millions of American consumers ship out millions of packages. Many of them are sent with Canada Cartage Tracking.

With the high volume of shipping that happens every year. It is easy for items to become lost or damaged by the carrier. This can be frustrating when you are waiting for an item. You will be able to call and file a claim to your company. They will get back to you.

Can I make changes to the order?

The ability to make changes to a transport order is extremely important. You need the option to make any necessary changes to your shipping order. Otherwise, once the shipment has started it would be a difficult and complicated task to correct any mistakes.

Contact Details:

Phone Support number: 1-800-268-2228 x2

Email Address:

Head Office Address:

1115 Cardiff Blvd


L5S 1L8

Canada Cartage Trucking company available in Edmonton ab, Calgary, Winnipeg, Mississauga, Regina SK, Richmond bc, saskatoon, Oshawa, Brampton, Toronto, langley, Vancouver, Oakville, red deer, grande prairie, Toronto, port kells, Montreal, etc.

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