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Amazon Tracking – Track & Trace Your Parcel

Any number with the name TBA then it means that could be delivered from Amazon Tracking Logistic Service. A tracking number will be active 24-48 hours after the order. If you do not get any updates on time please contact them.

All orders are estimated to be delivered on time. However, there is a possibility that some orders could be delayed due to weather, holidays, natural disaster, or other circumstances. All orders will be delivered with insurance and require a person for delivery (You must be available to receive your order). NOTE: every country has different rules and guidelines, therefore it’s impossible to generalize a timeframe for delivery. Most orders will be delivered in approximately 2 weeks but may take longer depending on the carrier and your national customs department.

Track Your Order Here:


The possibility of customs inspection for your country. All orders will be declared as gifts or E-Cigarette and the value will be under $30.

The possibility of a courier mistake or incorrect address filled out by the customer. Failure of the courier service to contact you in the event of an attempted delivery. Once your parcel is shipped, our customer service team will be sent the courier’s tracking number, and it is your responsibility to keep an eye out for the courier.

What is Amazon?

AMZL stands for Amazon Logistics. They are the world’s largest online retailer and their original business was selling books but later on, they started selling a wide variety of products online. It is a logistics service that is provided by Amazon to their customers in order to deliver products safely. AMZL takes 2-3 days maximum to deliver the products anywhere in the US and Canada.

Amazon Tracking Order Without Logging In:

You can track your order without logging in, but if you want to track the progress and to know where it is, you will need to remember to tracking id of the order. There are some steps to do that, first select the country where you want to track the order. Second, copy the tracking number there and search it. Third, get the results page of the tracking number. Now you have to select your order from there and track it easily.

How do I track my Amazon order?

You can track your order with the aid of a tracking number. Using this, you will be able to check the status of your package and find out where it is.

To find the tracking number of the Amazon order, you will need to click on your account in order to access all information. Once you click it, the search box you can see above, simply enter your tracking order ID click the Track button, and wait for a while you will be able to see the result. A list of all your orders information will appear.

Amazon Logistics Tracking:

It’s a way to track your order with a Logistics service called Amazon Logistics. For that, you will need to find the tracking number and you will get the result in a few minutes.

What is TBA delivery?

TBA means to be arranged and it is a method of delivery that Amazon uses. For this, you don’t need to know the courier’s name, but you have to provide a valid phone number if the courier needs to contact you.

What is Amazon’s return policy?

First of all, you should click on your account in order to access all information. After clicking it, find where it says Your Orders and then click on See Your Items. Here, find the order you want to return and click on Return & Refund option which is next to it. Then select the reason for return and after that click on the Contact Customer Service button. But once the order has been placed you will not be able to change it.

Amazon Logistics TBA Delivery

Amazon Logistics is a logistics service of Amazon. It is used to deliver products with safety and it only takes 2-3 days to deliver. If you are in Canada your tracking number will be TBC9292195LH0.

What are the hours of delivery?

Amazon Logistics hours are Monday to Sunday 8 am to 7 pm. But there are times when it is closed due to holidays, weather conditions, or any other circumstances.

Amazon Customer Care Number:

Amazon Logistics’ customer care number is 1800 3000 9009. But If you want to contact customer service, before calling them make sure you have all the necessary information and documents in place.

Does Amazon Logistics deliver on weekend?

No, it is not. Amazon Logistics doesn’t deliver on weekends or public holidays. There is no courier service to deliver orders on weekends.

Amazon Map Tracking:

Track your order on a map with the aid of a tracking number. Using this, you will be able to check the status of your package and find out where it is.

To find the tracking number of the order, you will need to login into your account. Once you are logged in, search for your order and click on it. After that, find the Track Order button and click it in order to proceed further. Now you will get the result in a few minutes. With the help of map tracking, you can see the real-time moving location of your package.

How much time does Amazon take to deliver?

After you make an order it will take 2-3 days in the US and Canada and 3-4 days in other countries.

Why choose Amazon?

Besides the many benefits it offers, you can find a variety of products for a very reasonable price. And if you are a prime member you will get free shipping and other services.

Does Amazon ship internationally?

Yes, any customer from anywhere in the world can order from Amazon. They offer fast international shipping with various options to choose from according to the destination country.

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